What To Wear For a Job Interview (Men Edition)

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Job Interview Attire Tips for Men

What to wear for your job interview? Men edition.

There’s no denying that putting together an interview team can be difficult.

However, taking the time to carefully select your interview attire is an important pre-interview task.
After all, first impressions are crucial, and you’ll want to make a good one with interviewers. People judge others based on how they appear, so dressing for success is more than just a matter of vanity.
Examine the interview attire guidelines and advice for men to help you make the best impression on a prospective employer.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune or scour fashion magazines and websites to figure out what to wear for your interview.
Men’s fashion is relatively simple with a few basic pieces, you can easily put together a stylish, professional, and tasteful outfit. 

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When you finally get that interview, you may not be aware of the company’s dress code until you arrive. While interviews at startups or for non-professional jobs are more casual, if you’re interviewing for a professional position, stick to a formal appearance.
Even within the “business formal” category, there is a wide variety of dress codes. A formal look like this gray suit with a colorful button-down shirt and sweater underneath is professional but not stuffy, making it a good choice for all types of interviews. This outfit is modern and stylish while remaining office-appropriate.

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Not sure whether the company you’re interviewing with prefers business casual or business formal attire?  Find a happy medium by wearing a light-colored or khaki blazer with coordinating pants.
A Navy blue blazer is less formal than a suit coat in black or grey. It’s an excellent piece because it bridges the gap between business casual and business formal. It’s also versatile: when worn with a tie, it’s business formal, but when worn without a tie, it’s a good option for when you’re not sure what to wear.


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For the most dependable business casual look, layer a sweater with a button-down. Neutral colors like brown, black, and navy work well with a wide range of shirt colors, including light blue, pink, yellow, green, and the white button-down shirt is shown here.
For an easy interview outfit, pair the layered top with khakis, grey chinos, or even dark wash jeans (in a less formal setting, such as at a startup company.)

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A navy blue blazer is a welcome change from the traditional black suit coat and an excellent addition to your interview attire. Depending on the occasion, you can wear it with or without a tie. Navy blue goes well with many shirt colors and looks great with khakis, chinos, or grey slacks. 
This item has a lot of versatility packed into it, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.
Navy blue blazers add a touch of class to a timeless, yet professional look.


Ties don’t have to be dull. Although you should avoid anything too flashy, such as “novelty” ties with outlandish prints, don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected colors, such as this blue tie.
For a dressier but still, business casual look, pair a striking tie with a button-down shirt and skip the blazer.

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Combine your tie with an eye-catching button-down shirt for a sophisticated and stylish look.
When selecting a button-down shirt, be selective. Stick to classic colors with subdued prints, such as blue stripes, in a strict formal dress code. In a more casual setting, you have more leeway, especially since bold button-down shirts don’t require a tie to dress them up.
Don’t be afraid to experiment: Figure out what works for you, but make sure the shirt complements your appearance without overpowering it.


Are you going on an interview at a company with a business formal dress code, but you’re sick of wearing the same black stuff, white shirt, and basic tie?  Fortunately, if you use discretion in your outfit coordination, your business formal suits do not have to be stagnant and boring. Use colors that are subtle but eye-catching, such as this light-blue patterned tie that matches a striped shirt. It adds an air of urban sophistication while remaining professional. Finally, a grey suit coat and pants maintain a formal appearance while being more modern than a drab black suit.


Texture adds an instant sense of class, sophistication, and style to an otherwise ordinary ensemble.
A textured blazer, such as this tweed one, dresses up a button-down shirt and slacks without appearing stuffy or uptight. A corduroy blazer achieves the same effect. Wear the blazer with a tie for a more formal look, or without the tie for a more relaxed but professional look.





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