Where To Sell Swiss Watches At The Best Price In 2024 And Beyond

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Do you want to sell Swiss watches quickly and dearly? We’ll tell you where you can profitably sell gold brand watches. Comparison of sales options: advertisements on the Internet, specialized watch forums, regular pawn shops, buying from a watch pawn shop.

Swiss watches are a luxury item and a safe investment. The cost of rare and exclusive models remains at a constantly high level. Therefore, they are in constant demand among resale companies or individuals who want to add new luxury watches to their collections. Buying Swiss watches is a profitable deal when the seller has the opportunity to receive a large sum of money within 1 day. This service is especially relevant if we are talking about an expensive branded watch model, when the price can reach millions of dollars.

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Luxury watches may lose relevance, be replaced by new models, or cease to be worn for other reasons. In such cases, they find another use – they hand over the watch to a watch pawnshop or sell it through an advertisement on various Internet resources.

Original Swiss watches are highly valued, combining luxury, durability, uniqueness and absolute accuracy in telling time. Therefore, the price tag for products often crosses the threshold of 10-20 million.

4 ways to sell expensive watches

The cost is fully justified – expensive and high-quality materials are selected for production, cases and spare parts of watch movements are made of gold, diamonds and genuine leather are used.

For this reason, even used products are sold at a favorable price, close to the original price.


As a rule, they try to sell Swiss watches in three named places, which is obviously a wrong decision:

  • Advertisement sites . The platforms are auctions and ad platforms. A risky method due to ignorance of the final cost of the product and the presence of scammers who want to take possession of the device for free.
  • Watch forums . Individuals and collectors also buy watches on forums. The disadvantage of this method is the abundance of “resellers” who prefer to buy goods at a reduced price.
  • Standard pawn shops . Regular pawn shops accept expensive watches. The displayed price for products is higher than the sites, but classic pawnshops rarely offer favorable prices for expensive items.
  • Selling to a watch pawnshop – These are narrowly specialized and professional companies for those who want to quickly and profitably sell expensive luxury watches. Experienced watchmakers will carry out a full diagnostic of the watch and immediately give you the exact cost. Watch pawn shops buy watches at much higher prices, operate under strict government control and are ready to exchange the item for another, with or without additional payment.

Elite watch pawnshop – “CHRONOSCOPE”

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Our pawnshop has been operating on the Moscow market for buying expensive watches since 1998. We carry out about 10 purchase and sale transactions of Swiss watches every day. We offer high buyback prices for premium watches. With us you can receive money on the day you contact us. Our certified appraisers will provide accurate and fair appraisals of branded watches. And they will make a purchase at the price agreed with the client.

We accept Swiss watches from the following manufacturers:

  • Rolex
  • Zenit
  • Hublot
  • Omega
  • Raymond Weil
  • Breitling
  • Ulysses nardin
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre

We buy premium watches at the highest price, which is determined taking into account the relevance of the model, functionality, performance characteristics and condition (appearance, period of use). We buy men’s and women’s watches.

Advantages of selling watches to the Chronoscope pawnshop

  • Full analysis of the accessory by professional craftsmen.
  • Careful and accurate assessment using modern tools.
  • Quick determination of the final cost of chesov.
  • Possibility to exchange a specific model for another brand watch.
  • Prompt preparation of purchase and sale documents.
  • A guarantee of a safe transaction without risks for the client.

We provide an online assessment on the website – use the procedure by leaving a short application. Employees will review the application, conduct an inspection as soon as possible and announce the cost.

What is needed to sell Swiss watches

To hand over a product to a watch pawnshop, a minimum of documents is required. For a higher price, it is advisable to have documents for the watch.

Beautiful gemstone beads and semi precious beads are the world's natural treasure and multitudinous in shapes and categories.

Using the online service, you need to fill out a form on the website and indicate the data: watch model, manufacturer, year of purchase, condition, personal contacts, photos and price suggestions.

In our watch pawnshop you can sell Swiss gold watches at a profit. We are guaranteed to pay up to 90% of the original cost of the product, for new devices without defects – up to 95%.

The registration process takes an hour and includes 4 steps:

  • Submitting an application on the website.
  • Determination of the redemption price.
  • Inspection of the proposed product.
  • Instant payment of money (cash and non-cash).

Promptly sell your premium accessory in a few steps at a high cost and with a guarantee at the Chronoscope watch pawnshop.

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