6 Features That Make the Academic Aesthetic

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I firmly believe that the academic aesthetic trend is heavily influenced by the preppy look and an offshoot of the graduate / collegiate or Ivy League dressing. More than fashion, academia encourages learning such as reading and writing and leaning towards intellectual pursuits. It also honors one’s penchant for books, vintage items, and the taste of coffee. What inspires this trend? Simply put, think of literature and the arts. It even supports the coffee culture. So without further ado, below are the features of this academic aesthetic.

Categories. It comes in different categories. Among them include dark, light, and romantic to name a few. The Dark Academia imbibes a mysterious aura, an angsty attitude, or a melancholic personality. The Light Academia celebrates the outdoors and optimism. Romantic Academia features a look with a more feminine touch like dresses. The Chaotic Academia is ever-changing, rebellious and it is cluttered but then again looks well put together.

academic aesthetic categories

Color Palette. The very basic palette for this look revolves around neutral shades and earth tones. The color palette comes in blacks, browns, and oranges which are present if you are aiming for a Dark Academia look. Otherwise, hues in beige and cream are introduced.

academic aesthetic color palette

Key Pieces. You can find closet staples to work around if you want to wear this trend. Crisp white button-downs, turtlenecks, cardigans, blazers, and knitted sweaters are just among the key pieces. You can even borrow from your parents or grandparents or thrift stores even.

academic aesthetic key pieces

Prints and Material. To complement the outfits come to the prints and fabrics. There is the plaid, the argyle; there is tweed, linen, silk, wool, and corduroy.

academic aesthetic prints and materials

Styling. As far as the styling is concerned, you will see that layering is evident with this trend. With a white long-sleeve top, wear a vest then wrap it up with a blazer.


Accessories. This trend goes without accessories. Neckties and bowties make for an intelligent appearance. Don a pair of loafers or boots or chunky heels. Use satchels to complete the whole ensemble.


I do hope that these points have been a motivation for you to start exploring and trying the academic fashion.

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