7 Funniest Fashion Moments by Leslie Jordan Cracking Ribs

Leslie Jordan funny moments
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Leslie Jordan was a well-known actor as well as a comedian. He had extremely showed up his most memorable fashion moments. He had displayed viable designs that were embraced by a variety of his fans. His wardrobe had displayed his vibrant personality in fashion. Here are his seven funniest fashion moments that will wow you!

1. The Cowboy Couture

Leslie Jordan was familiar with the cowboy things like boots, hats, and the sort of things. He made his most memorable look when he showcased himself with a full head-to-toe cowboy wear. He matched this will a brown jacket and boots which were quite fitting his curves.

Leslie Jordan funniest moments

2. The Oversized Bowtie

Oversize and buggy have become a major wear in most cities. Leslie Jordan came out with his classic tuxedo which was twisted and oversized. Its design was a polka dot which was a fitting look giving the perfect beauty he was desiring to get.

3. The Plaid Explosion

Leslie Jordan has been making the correct choice of patterned designs. The plaid suit was a surprise that was not an expectation to his fans. This was a fearless choice that they made. He knew that the look itself would have turned out to be a great outfit.

Leslie Jordan funny moments

4. The Sequin Spectacular

Leslie Jordan contains his uniqueness when it comes to sequin wear. He dazzled in with a rainbow-colored suit which was a wow-wow to his fans. It was a tailored blazer that was shining under the presence of the sun.

5. The Feather Boa Fiasco

Leslie Jordan has always been able to accessorize his outfit perfectly. The feather boa fiasco happens to be one of his most celebrated with much glamour. He wore it at the Met Gala where he showed how firm he was with his choices in fashion.

6. The Colorful Caftan

Leslie showed himself out in the colored suit which was commanding attention to his followers. He wore a bright pink and floral patterned blazer that was a perfect look to his figure.

7. The Holiday Extravaganza

Leslie Jordan has a legacy of holiday wear. He showed himself out during the Christmas holiday with a sweater that attracted the sunshine perfectly.


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WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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