A Dunk of Style! Kelsey Plum 7 Most Fashionable Outfits

Kelsey Plum cute outfit
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Kelsey Plum is a basketballer and beyond! She is fast rising to be a great model who has made great waves in the fashion industry. Kelsey has been proven to be a style icon in fashion. She has shown her great personality in selecting her fashion looks. I will briefly take you through some of her most fashionable outfits. Enjoy

1. Glamorous in Gold

Kelsey Plum dazzled at an award ceremony with this glamorous gold outfit that made her look amazing and cool. The dress featured a high-slit which therefore showcases her athletic legs adding a touch of sophistication to her. Plum proved her elegance by pairing the look with minimal jewelry and a glamorous star.

2. Street Style Sensation

Plum showed her street-style sensation dress that proved her timeless elegance in select styles. She paired the dress with black leather leggings and chunky sneakers. Through the great selection, she proved herself to be cool as it completed the edgy ensemble.

Kelsey Plum hot stylish outfit

3. Bold and Bright

Kelsey Plum was able to turn many heads with this particular dress that showed her high levels of elegance. The dress contained a bold color that was able to highlight her confident personality. She paired the dress with a statement belt hence making her gold hoop earrings also to be noticed.

Kelsey Plum cute outfit

4. Classic Elegance

Plum opted for a classic black gown that contained intricating lace details. The dress featured an off-shoulder design as well and it perfectly hugged her figure hence making her curves well displayed. The look also consisted of the diamond bracelet and drop earrings that made her inspired many to go for the same look.

5. Sporty Chic

Plum embraced her sporty chic outfit that made her to be termed to be impressive. The outfit is both termed to be functional and stylish at the same time. This because, whether one is participating in any activity, she can still, remain to be stylish.

6. Floral Fantasy

Kelsey stepped out with a floral fantasy style that helped her to leave many audiences in awe. The dress featured a pastel hue that made her make a statement at the event. Through the dress, she, made many fans go gaga about it as many were inspired to go for the same look.

7. Edgy Evening Wear

Plum showed up with her sleek edgy dress that made her go viral. The dress featured an edgy outfit that perfectly balanced strappy heels and bold red lipstick. The custom outfit of the dress helped her push forward the fashion boundaries.

Kelsey Plum red carpet glamour
Kelsey Plum cute




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