Janelle Monae Flaunts Curves in 7 Hot Bikinis!

Janelle Monae at the poolside with her sleek bikini
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Janelle Monae has been a powerhouse of talent, doing shocking things in the realm of music, acting, as well as fashion styles. She has been an epitome to many of her fans. She is celebrated widely which has marked a great significance of her fashion. She has shown endless effort in fashion ad styles which is quite an inspiration to her followers. Let’s delve into the seven hottest bikini moments that she has stunned her curves with.

1.VibrantElegance in Tulum

While on her Tulum vacation, Janelle Monae displayed her style sense with her modernized polka dot bikini which was form-fitting. She dazzled kin with a colorful vibrant bikini. It was an attention commander to those surrounding her.

2. “PYNK” Music Video Sensation

The “PYNK” has been known to be a visually striking music video. Janelle Monae dazzled in the play with a pink ensemble that featured clear details regarding her fashion sense.

Janelle Monae lingeria bikini outfit

3. Poolside Glamour on Instagram

On her Instagram page, Monae has been an inspiration to her fans widely. She has been embraced for her uniqueness in fashion. She is doing great in the realm of fashion which has contributed to her success. With her bold choices in styles, she has managed to make an unbreakable legacy.

4. Cannes Film Yacht Party

During her beach party at the yacht, Monae displayed her beauty with the sophisticated monochrome bikini. It was a slim bikini that was fitting her curves thus allowing for some moments of inspiration.

Janelle Monae net top bikini wear

5. “Make Me Feel” Pool Party Vibes

Monae was spotted with a metallic bikini during the pool party. She was sense with her wear which for sure was a vibe-giving wear. She was fearless in showcasing her style with casual metallic wear. Her courage was the reason for her success at the pool party.

6. Relaxing in Malibu

Janelle Monae came with her high-waisted bikini with a tropical print in the Malibu. It was one of her casual wear that was embraced by a variety of her fans. They showed great interest in her wear. 

Janelle Monae at the poolside with her sleek bikini

7. Yoga in “Yoga” Music Video

Monae has always shown great interest in black bikinis while performing her yoga music video. She came with a minimalist design bikini which was a form-fitting one to her curves. It gave clear details about her beauty.

Janelle Monae bikini



WRITTEN BY: Alex Munene

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