Lola Tung: Complete Bio and 7 Best Fashion Moments

Lola Tung/ sexy Lola Tung
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Lola Tung was and will be my favorite fashion icon who stood out on every occasion. She had a taste for fashion since her childhood. Her love for style forced her to take fashion as a career, and she quickly became one of the biggest names in the fashion world. Fashion blog Lola Tung—established independently at 21—brought fame to her, after which she became a hot hit with thousands of followers every day, seeking her chic and trendsetting posts. Lola Tung has since worked with, to name a few of the biggest fashion houses: Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. In this article, I will take you through seven mind-blowing fashion moments by Lola that made me like her more.

Lola Tung/ sexy Lola Tung

1. Met Gala 2017:

Lola Tung stole the show at the Met Gala. She was the sight in a breathtaking look; the look she was rocking was to die for. All I knew was she was in some divine Valentino gown with the most amazing embellishments in beading and embroidery.

2.  Lola Tung Paris Fashion Week 2018:

Lola caught the eye with her easy chic on the streets of Paris. I could not stop complimenting her look as I was over-impressed with her beautiful look.

sexy Lola Tung / beautiful Lola Tung

3. The Oscars 2019:

During the Oscars ceremony, Lola impressed me with the outfit that she was rocking. It was one outfit that brought out curves of Lola well.

4. Lola Tung Milan Fashion Week 2020:

The Versace dress was the outfit that Lola rocked at the Milan Fashion Week and I liked the dress as it hugged her body perfectly revealing her curves.

5. Cannes Film Festival 2021:

At the Cannes Film Festival, Lola amused everyone including me with her excellent fashion choices that many emulated.

Lola Tung fashion

6. Lola Tung New York Fashion Week 2022:

Lola, who owned New York Fashion Week in a smooth and ultramodern pantsuit by Alexander Wang, is to me the best outfit at this event. She paired it with fierce jewelry and a statement clutch for a fashionable finish.

7. The Met Gala 2023:

Lola was the center of attraction during the Met Gala 2023 as she displayed her fashion skills that were exemplary from my point of view.




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