• Top 6 Summer Work Outfits for 2024

    June 29, 2024

    Hello fashionistas! It’s been a minute. How have y’all been doing? Summer is finally here, but it seems Nigeria didn’t get the memo as it…

    10 Summer 2024 Fashion Trends Must-Haves
    10 Summer 2024 Fashion Trends Must-Haves

    June 9, 2024

    Hola fashionistas! The season is changing and with it come fashionable responsibilities. Even though we still have a few days or weeks until summer, it’s…

    Veekee James design cover
    Veekee James: Tailor to Global Designer

    May 28, 2024

    Hello fashionistas and welcome to another exciting blog post by yours truly. Last week, we discussed the sensational award show that took place in Lagos,…

    The Cultural story behind Andrea Iyamah Fashion Empire
    Andrea Iyamah Cultural Evolution Story

    April 7, 2024

    Yo, yo, yo fashionistas! It’s been a while. I am now officially serving my father’s land; honestly, I’m just winging it. So, I kept going…